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Succeed in your transformation

The world is changing, so are you! You know what you need to change. We know how to do it. According to a study by Villanova University,

  • 31% of projects never get done
  • 88% are overrun (on time, on budget or both…).

The causes of failure are multiple: poorly defined objectives, poorly evaluated costs and deadlines, poorly managed change… Many of these risks can be avoided by applying a methodology adapted to the situation. Of course, theory is not enough: the reality of the field and experience are essential.

Our expertise

Based in French-speaking Switzerland, the KiM team is composed of professionals who are passionate about project management: they master the necessary methodologies and tools, but also and above all have the experience to transform theory into an operational approach. They will be at your side to support you in your transformation and transform your strategies into sustainable results.


Based in French-speaking Switzerland, we train your teams, in French or in English, in our premises or in your structure. Our premises are located in Geneva, Lausanne and Vevey. Our rooms are modern and warm, offering an environment conducive to sharing experiences and learning. Our professional∙le∙s are experts∙e∙s in the business, in touch with the reality of the field. They are also qualified trainers who will be able to capture the attention of your collaborators∙trice∙s and make them progress in a motivating atmosphere. All our trainings are built on the basis of international standards in Project Management EN45013 and ISO17024. They combine academic aspects related to international standards and norms with practical exercises from real life situations. Interaction and sharing of experiences are crucial for rapid and sustainable progress. Since July 2010, KiM is Eduqua certified.


To support you in the most effective way possible and to best meet your needs, we carry out consulting and coaching mandates within your company. We turn your vision or challenge into an achievable plan and provide dedicated leadership to bring it to fruition. We work with your teams to foster cross-functional collaboration, manage stakeholder relationships, and implement the processes and tools necessary to realize your organization’s potential.

Our impact for 15 years

Our impact extends to the entire Lake Geneva region. Since 1998, we have served more than 2,000 private∙e∙s clients∙e∙s, start-ups and thriving businesses. We have completed numerous projects helping our clients∙e∙s thrive in often challenging and ever-changing competitive landscapes. Each year, we train over 300 people in project management. To date, more than 4,000 people have completed one of our trainings, developing valuable cross-functional skills and enhancing their employability. Surrounded by participants∙e∙s from a wide range of industries, they have also been able to benefit from diverse experiences and develop their network.

years of experience

people trained

Our ambitions

KiM is member of Groupe Proactif, which brings together specialists in their fields under the same umbrella.

Discover the press release of 13.07.2022

Activator of your success, Groupe Proactif is committed to offering you an unparalleled client experience, translated by holistic care as well as an innovative and dynamic educational path.

KiM shares the Group’s ambitions:

Success Activator

We create new opportunities, focusing on an unparalleled customer∙e experience and fulfilled∙e∙s employees.


Curious∙ses and looking for the best solutions, proud∙ère∙s of our history and open∙e∙s to the future, we arrive each day inspired∙e∙s to make an impact through our talents, passion and work.

Environmental commitment

By selecting locations ideally situated near a train station, we encourage the use of public transportation and help preserve our planet.


Feedback from our graduates:

This particularly exhaustive and detailed course addressed all of the initially communicated objectives in a very structured manner. The competence of the trainers contributed to the assimilation and practice of the necessary methods and tools.

I learned a lot. The instructors were very effective. They were patient and provided practical examples of the course content. Please consider extending the duration of the course.

I found the course clear, the moderators always available. They always took the time to answer questions, during the course or even outside.

I found an available and professional management team that listens to everyone’s needs.

The materials, as well as the documents, given during this training will be useful for the future. The mix between theory and practice allowed me to understand the concepts and to assimilate them.

This course allowed me to reorient my professional situation.

In addition to the content I acquired, this training gave me back my confidence through the support and the exchanges I received. It is clearly one of the best trainings I have ever taken. Thank you very much!

The instructor’s ability to explain things in layman’s terms and his fun teaching method make you want to come to the classes, in addition to his availability and kindness. The course material and support totally guide us in the learning process, which means that I was never lost during the course. The module and mock tests allow us to prepare for the exam.

Join us

KiM‘s culture fosters personal and professional development, allowing our employees∙e∙s to thrive in all areas of their lives. Our values are:

  • Caring
  • Fun
  • Fairness
  • Collective Wisdom

We are always looking for professionals∙le∙s passionate∙e∙s about their profession in the field of Project Management and willing to transmit their passion. Do not hesitate to contact us and follow us on social networks.