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Process Modeling

Process modeling allows formalizing the interactions between men and all the company's business. It provides a perfect view of all activities and possible interactions between all sectors and all departments using a standard language, visual and easily understandable for all stakeholders.
Process Management

Process management is one component of the general management of the company. It is useless to have modeled all its processes if there is no will to make them move towards a goal of improving performance. If performance improves, costs will be reduced.

KIM Organisation Approach

Organizational change is usually "controlled" by the Management with a series of constraints and objectives in the definition of the term. We handle this kind of office building on the implementation of a mixed approach is:Annuler les modifications

  • Busines Process Evolution
  • Integration in decision making / managerial
Implementing the evolution of the business process can sometimes be difficult and high internal resistance footprint. To overcome the inevitable resistance, we will begin our work by an inventory that will allow us to understand the operational functioning of society, expectations and present difficulties

Only after this analysis that we develop the development plan process in accordance with the mandate set by the Directorate and the constraints set.

Throughout this process of evolution and change management, we will involve employees of the company to facilitate change management.

Since the operational level work are completed, the integration of processes related to the needs of Management (Business Conduct) will be undertaken. Features and processes that will be implemented generally represent a constraint or a surcharge for company employees (like for example the "Entering of the past"), which will inevitably create a strong resistance to change.
Once the work of analysis and implementation, we implement a systematic step "Change management" stage in which we are concerned to harmonize the four organizational components of a successful change

Qualified experimented experts

Our contrat are supported by specialists in the art and business of the organization (processes). T

hey are invariably supported by a second specialist who will provide a managerial vision of evolution and change management.

This double vision allows a harmonious evolution and integrated set of objectives and constraints of such mandates.

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