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Become a partner KIM Organization, is a commitment, a strong will to evolve together !

This partnership will allow you to receive multiple benefits, provide scalable technology solutions that meet the specific needs of your customers in the field of project management, program development and project portfolio.

Working together !!!

As KIM Orgnisation Partner, you receive a range of additional services to help you expand your range of services and better meet the needs of your customers.

[In a changing economic environment, control of projects within companies represents an important strategic issue for many companies ...]

"Market Partner" to help develop the company and looking for new customers.
"Kamina Partner" to provide professional services in the area of governance projects.
"Kamina Training" to have a comprehensive training program in Project Management (IPMA, PMI)
  • 3 diferent kind of partnershipfor the complete range of services and increase the expertise available to your customers.

  • A commitment of each partner (Convention, QA process, NDA and SLA) guaranteeing a quality high performances.

  • A method of remuneration clear where each stakeholder sees its turnover (sales) change significantly.
For a meeting, please contact us : info @ kim-organisation.ch and we'll answer quickly

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