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1. Candidate obtains agreement from their advisor to register for this measure

2. The candidate registers via the registration process (www.kim-organisation.ch) by recording all the required information and downloading his CV and his motivation for this training ATTENTION: the email address of his advisor is also mandatory

3. KIM Organisation analyses the candidate’s CV and personal motivations

4. KIM Organisation confirms the candidate’s registration and proposes (or confirms) the scheduled session either a full or intensive session

5. Candidate confirms participation in the proposed session

6. KIM Organisation confirms by email to the ORP advisor the candidate’s participation (or not), while indicating the Number of execution

7. The ORP Advisor registers the candidate in Plasta according to the session number provided by the service provider

8. The ORP Advisor finalizes Plasta decision

9. The ORP Advisor sends the training decision and the MMT attestation sheets for the cash register to the service provider (via mail or email)

Registrations are open for the session to be held on 26.01.2021

To register or view priority situations, please refer to the registration process

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