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According to the project area (web portal, building a factory, new marketing campaign, ...) and the company's expertise, we create a development process (method) to meet the objectives and use know-how of the company.

Development Process (Method) customized for a specific project include:

  • Development phases with precise objectives for the work required at each phase

  • Norms and standards to be produced, constraints imposed by the company, trade or law (national, international)

  • Work deliverables to be produced for each phase and that will validate the progress "real" work

  • Milestones of controls that allow verification of progress. Two types of Milestones :

    • Management Milestones: Business validation

    • Technical Milestones: Project team validation

Graphical representation

When internal project development methodologies already exist, we adapt them to incorporate the highest professional standards related to specific technical areas.

Main development methodologies such as Scrum, HERMES for IT projects, SIA for construction projects, ITIL, etc ... has been deployed by us for one or more customers.

At the moment, our library contain more 80 project development methodologies

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